We are an Italian Company owned 100% by the Spanish Group Ebro Foods, the first agro-food Group in Spain, which is a world leader in the rice and pasta sector with over 60 brands worldwide.
Our Headquarter is in Vercelli, Italy, the European rice Capital, where we take care of all parts of the business: production starting from paddy rice, promotion and trade of Italian rice excellence in Europe and worldwide.
For many years, we have considered safety for workers and stakeholders as our first responsibility. It is by talking continuously and extensively, collaborating and working together with them to contribute to a more sustainable world.
Love and passion for our job together with the care and attention to our rice processing are just some of our many strengths. BRC, IFS and ISO 22000 Certifications are testament to these facts.



Selenio Sushi Rice | Certified batches: SUS-1920115, SUS-1920117, SUS-1920118, SUS-1910113, KEJ-1930038, KEJ-1930039, SUS-1920123, SUS-1920124, KEJ-1930040, SUS-1920132, SUS-1920133, SUS-1920134, SUS-1920136, SUS-1920137, SUS-1920139, SUS-1920140, SUS-1920142, SUS-1920145, SUS-1920147, SUS-1920148, SUS-1920149, SUS-1920150, SUS-1910144, SUS-1920151, SUS-1920152, SUS-1920153, SUS-1920154, SUS-1920156, SUS-1920157, SUS-1920158, SUS-1920159, SUS-1920162, SUS-1920163, SUS-1920164, SUS-1920165, SUS-1920167, SUS-1920168, SUS-1930053, SUS-1920173, SUS-1920174, SUS-1920179, SUS-1920183, SUS-1920184, SUS-1920185, SUS-1920186, SUS-1910166, SUS-1920189, SUS-1920190, SUS-1920192, KEJ-1930060, SUS-1920229, SUS-1920230, SUS-1920231, SUS-1920233, SUS-1920234, KEJ-1930067, SUS-1910203, SUS-1920235, SUS-1920236, SUS-1920238, KEJ-1930068, KEJ-1930069, KEJ-1930070, SUS-1920243, SUS-1920244, SUS-1920245, SUS-1920247, SUS-1920248, SUS-1920249, SUS-1920250, SUS-1920251, SUS-1920252, KEJ-1930079, SUS-1920253, KEJ-1930080, SUS-1920256, KEJ-1930081, SUS-1920258, SUS-1920259, SUS-1920264, SUS-1920265,SUS-1910234, SUS-1920267, SUS-1920271, SUS-1920273, SUS-1920261, SUS-1920274, SUS-1920277, SUS-1920279, SUS-1910280, SUS-1910252, SUS-1920283, SUS-1920285, SUS-1920286, SUS-1920288, SUS-1920311, SUS-1920312, KEJ-1930104, SUS-1920314, SUS-1920317, SUS-1920318, SUS-1920319, SUS-1920321, SUS-1920322, SUS-1920325, SUS-1920326, SUS-1920330, SUS-1920331, SUS-1920332, SUS-1920333, SUS-1920339, SUS-1920318, SUS-1920319, SUS-1920343, SUS- 1920344, SUS-1920345, SUS-1920346, SUS- 1920348, SUS-1920351, SUS-1920352, KEJ- 1930113, SUS-1920353, SUS-1920354, SUS-1920357, SUS-1920358, SUS-1920366, SUS-1930118, SUS-1920369, SUS-1910356, SUS-1920375, SUS-1920376, SUS- 1920377, SUS-1920378, SUS-1920379, KEJ- 1930119, SUS-1920380, SUS-1920382, KEJ-1930120, SUS-1920383, SUS-1920386, SUS-1920388, SUS-1920390, SUS-1920391, SUS-1920392, SUS-1910394, KEJ-1930125, SUS-1920377, KEJ-1930126, SUS-19203400, SUS-1920401, KEJ- 1930119, SUS-1920402, SUS-1920406, SUS-1920407, SUS-1920410, SUS-1910393, SUS-1920412, SUS-1920413, SUS-1920416, SUS-1920417, SUS-1920418, SUS-1920420, SUS-1920425, KEJ- 1930132, SUS-1920427,
KEJ-1930133, SUS-1920428, SUS-1920430, SUS-1920431, SUS-1910417, KEJ-1910137, SUS-1920433, SUS-1920434

In Mundi Riso Honesty is a must. We believe in the value of things and relationships with our stakeholders and that’s why the certification we produce is an added value for our sushi customers. A further guarantee not only quality speaking, but also loyalty on what we are selling to them…not only rice, but high professionality and efficiency. DNA TEST on our Selenio Rice for Sushi is a clear demonstration of where Mundi Riso will be projected to in the next years.



Headquarter: Mundi Riso S.r.l, via Camillo De Rossi, 14, 13100 Vercelli
Phone: +39 0161 28 28 28
Fax: +39 0161 21 33 65